SWC2020 Prelims Closing and Regional Cup Schedule Notice

Greetings from Com2uS!

All prelims of Asia-Pacific, Americas and Europe have ended!
If you missed the WEEK 4 matches, please visit the Summoners War Esports YouTube channel to watch them.
- Watch Again:

MR.CHUNG (醉愛鍾少) and GAIA (荒れ狂うGAIA!!) advanced to the Asia-Pacific Cup, and ISMOO, SEIISHIZO, ROSITH and VIILIPYTTY advanced to the Europe Cup!

A total of 24 players, 8 players from each region, will compete in the regional cups to advance to the World Finals.
All regional cups will be held as quarterfinal/ single tournament method.
- Quarterfinal: Best of Three
- Semifinal - : Best of Five

[Regional Cup Schedule]

Oct. 24th 12pm PDT
1st and 2nd place players will advance to the World Finals

Oct. 31st 8pm PDT
1st, 2nd and 3rd place players will advance to the World Finals

Nov. 7th 5am PST
1st and 2nd place players will advance to the World Finals

* In addition, Chinese Representative Selection Tournament will be held on Oct. 23th 11pm PDT. The winner will advance to the World Finals.

We will be holding an upgraded prediction event as well as a player support event, so please stay tuned for these as well.
Lastly, an official music and music video of SWC2020 will be revealed! Make sure to check this out.

* All matches of SWC2020 will be held online with no audiences.
** The entire schedule of SWC2020 can be checked from the SWC2020 official website. 


Please stay tuned for the Summoners War World Arena Championship 2020, where the Summoners compete to become the best Summoner of 2020!

Thank you.