v8.0.8 Update Notice


Greetings from Com2uS!


Summoners War v8.0.8 has been updated. Please check below for details!


* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)

* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.



v8.0.8 Update Details 



▶ 2nd Major Update

- Check out the [Developer's Note] for more details on the 2nd major update!



▶ [Dimension Hole] New Content: Dimension Raid



What's the Dimension Raid?

① The Dimension Raid is single-player content with 3 Phases that move to other Dimension Dungeons every week, starting with the Dimension Karzhan.

② 5 Monsters are required for each Phase, making a total of 15 Monsters. The entry conditions for each Phase are different.

③ There are 1 to 5 difficulty levels. Ancient Grindstones and Ancient Enchanted Gems of the corresponding Dimension set are dropped as the clear reward.

④ 1 Dimension Hole Energy is consumed per entrance. Repeat Battle is available.


- Monster Conditions of Each Phase

: The condition for Phase 1 is the same as that of the corresponding Dimension.


- Dimension Raid Boss Skills


▶ New 2nd Awakening Monsters: Living Armor & Frankenstein

※ 2nd Awakened [Living Armor & Frankenstein] can be used in the World Arena Goodwill Battle and Ranking Battle. However, they will be temporarily restricted during the preliminary of the SWC2023. They can be used from the SWC2023 Americas Cup.


▶ New 2nd Awakening Dungeons: Living Armor & Frankenstein

- [Dimension Hole > Khalderun> Khalderun Remains] Check out the new 2nd Awakening Dungeons for Living Armor & Frankenstein!


▶ Statues of Each Dimension Added to Craft

- [Craft > Building] You can now craft statues of the Dimensions upon clearing Level 5 of each Dimension Dungeon.


▶ New Monster: Devil Maiden

※ [Devil Maiden] can be used in the World Arena Goodwill Battle and Ranking Battle.

However, she will be temporarily restricted during the preliminary of the SWC2023. They can be used from the SWC2023 Americas Cup.


▶ [SP Summon] for Devil Maiden

- Schedule: Available after the v8.0.8 update on Aug. 30th - Sep. 17th 7:59am PDT

: [SP Summon] is a summon with a slightly higher summon rate than other summons for the new Monster. [SP Summon] menu will be exposed on the scroll lists that the SP Summon can be applied during the event period. You can apply the [SP Summon] by marking the checkbox.

: [SP Summon] can be performed in all summons except Ancient Transcendence Scroll, 9-Year Transcendence Scroll, Exclusive Summon, Monster Piece Summon, Guild Summon, SWC Scroll, and other scrolls where you have to select a summon list. The in-game currencies, scrolls used, and blessings will be the same.

: The new Monster can also be summoned with a fixed chance through a normal [Summon].​


▶ SWC2023 Schedule Reminder

* The match schedules and results are available via the SWC2023 official website.



▶ [Battle Training Ground] New Mock Battles: Devil Maiden and 2nd Awakened Living Armor & Frankenstein

- You can enter the Battle Training Ground by building it via the [Shop > Building] menu. (Your Summoner Lv. must be at least 12.)


▶ [Rift Raid] New Crafting Materials

- [Craft > Special] You can now craft Grindstones with new materials items dropped in the Rift Raid.

※ Beast Horns and Beast Claws are dropped in the Rift Raid Level 5. With this update, the drop rate of Mana Stones has decreased slightly.


▶ [Rift Dungeon] Content Improvements

- Battle gameplay has been improved.

① The skill animations of each attribute beast will be played slightly faster.

② The bonus points for clearing the Rift Dungeon will be increased from 500,000 to 1,000,000 points.

③ The groggy time of the boss will be halved.

④ The boss won't resist harmful effects while under the groggy state.

※ With the revamp of the Rift Dungeon, the ranking info and profile record will be reset.


- A clear time record will be added to the results screen.



▶ [World Arena] Content Improvements

- [World Arena] The UI for Monster bans has been simplified.

- [World Arena > Spectate > Replay] Now shows 30 replays instead of 15 when searching for replays with the By Monster filter.


▶ [Shop > Efficient > Special Pack] SWC2023 Pack Ⅰ & Ⅱ Added

Sale Period: After the v8.0.8 update on each server - Nov. 30th 11:59pm (server time)


▶ Game Error Fixes

- Fixed an issue of the Artifact's "[Skill 2] Accuracy UP" property not being applied to (Water/Wind/Dark) Frankenstein's [Taunt].

- Fixed an issue of the skill cooldown not decreasing when 2nd Awakened (Dark) Howl's [Attack! Attack!] misses or fails to switch the attack.

- Fixed an issue of decreasing the enemy Monster's Attack Speed for 2 turns if the Monster is under Defense reduction effects even though (All Attributes) Living Armor's [Pulverize] missed.

- Fixed an issue of (Dark) DHALSIM's [Yoga's Arcana (Passive)] and (Dark) Poison Matter's [Almighty Mask (Passive)] not ignoring the Seal effect.

- The visual effects for the additional attack of (All Attributes) Frakenstein's [Hammer Punch] and (Light) Frakenstein's [Pound] will now be displayed more naturally.

- Fixed an issue of the damage increase effect from the [Rage Charge (Passive)] being applied incorrectly when (Dark) Frankenstein counterattacks.

- Fixed an issue of (Dark) Puppeteer's [Marionette (Passive)] decreasing the Attack Bar from Attack Bar decreasing skills that ignore Resistance.


▶ Monster Skill Description Modification


▶ Special Gifts for Summoners to Celebrate the [2nd Major Update]!

To show our appreciation to the Summoners who waited for the server maintenance, the following rewards will be sent.

Please claim your rewards at the Inbox within the time period.



■ Recipient: All servers

■ Rewards: Devilmon x1, Mystical Scroll x10, Energy +100

■ The rewards can be collected from Aug. 29th 11:55pm to Sep. 3rd 7:59am PDT.



Thank you.​

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