SWC2020 Online Support Event

Send a support message to the qualifiers of SWC2020 regional cups!
Messages with sincerity will be selected to receive a gift.
In addition, the messages will appear in the broadcast of each country via YouTube on the day of the tournament!

Event Schedule:
Oct. 15th 10pm PDT - Nov. 5th 9pm PST
(**The application deadline and the winner announcement schedule vary by regional cup.)

Event Winners and
Prize Details

No. of event winners
One Ragdoll figurine will be given as a prize!
* The image may differ a bit from the actual product.

How to Participate

  1. Step 1.

    Make a support message, in a square (1:1) image, for the player you want to root for among the AMERICAS CUP, ASIA-PACIFIC CUP and EUROPE CUP contenders. (The player's name must be included in English)

  2. Step 2.

    Post the image on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) as a "public" post with the required hashtags below.

    #Summonerswar #SWC2020 #SWC2020_Supportevent
    #Player's name in English

    ** Tap the player you would like to root for and copy the hashtags.

  3. Step 3.

    Tap the Participate Button below, and enter the link of your social media post and your email.

  4. Step 4.

    Keep your social media post as a "public" post until the event ends. Example



AMERICAS CUP Event Participation Deadline
Oct. 22nd 10pm PDT
Check out other support messages


ASIA-PACIFIC CUP Event Participation Deadline
Oct. 30th 10pm PDT
Check out other support messages


EUROPE CUP Event Participation Deadline
Nov. 5th 9pm PST
Check out other support messages
- Entry works for this event must be the original creations of the participants. The prize cancellation and all of legal responsibilities rest with the applicants if the copyright of others is infringed.
- Participants are responsible for all copyrights and issues of the submitted works. Com2uS is not responsible for any disputes with third parties.
- Words and phrases that include inappropriate and hateful comments about the players or in general and that are inappropriate based on broadcasting regulations will be excluded from exposure on the event page according to the organizer’s judgement.
- Event winners will be selected through internal evaluation.
- There is no restriction on participating multiple times, but you cannot receive duplicate prizes.
- Prizes will be delivered after December when the prize production is complete.
- Winners will be contacted individually via the email address they submitted. The winning may be nullified if you don’t respond to the email within the time mentioned.
- The works that have been agreed to be used for marketing, promotion etc. can be used for reproduction, distribution, transmission, exhibition, etc. by Com2uS.
- Your winning may be nullified if you don't enter the correct personal information.
- The event prizes will be selected and paid to participants from all countries.
- Com2uS will be responsible for prize taxes and the public utilities' charge.
- Event prizes may change depending on the manufacturer and provider, and may different from the images provided.
- Com2uS is not responsible for return or loss of prizes.
- For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting https://customer-m.withhive.com/ask


SWC2020 Online Support Event Participation Form

  • For this event, Com2uS will be collecting the private information listed below in order to proceed with the event.

    - Purpose & Usage: To select and inform the event winners
    - Collected Information: Email address and social media link
    - The collected private information will be kept for no longer than 1 month after the winner announcement is made.

    If collected, your private information will be kept no longer than 1 month, and removed from our servers afterwards.
    You may refuse to agree to this term, but be noted that you won't be able to participate in the event if you do so.
  • Do you agree with Com2uS to distribute and promote the work of individuals participating in the event in the future?
    The collected creations will be retained and used for one year from the end date of the event, and removed from our servers afterwards.
  • Com2uS transfers the collected personal information to another country for smooth event progress, and complies with the privacy policy to safely manage the information.
    - Transferred Country: South Korea
    - Transferred Information: Email address and social media link
    - Purpose & Usage: To participate in the event and to select the winners

Required check items for North America

  • ※ COM2US Inc. will not use or sell collected information for anything other than the intended purpose.
  • ※ Consumer has the right to request that COM2US Inc. delete any personal information about the consumer which COM2US Inc. has collected from the consumer.

Will be revealed after

AMERICAS CUP Support Event Winners

  • dan*****@gmail.com
  • val************@yahoo.com.br
  • jea*******@hotmail.com
  • aik********@gmail.com
  • meo************@gmail.com
  • abd*************@gmail.com
  • The***************@gmail.com
  • sab**********@gmail.com
  • Sut**********@gmail.com
  • car************@gmail.com
  • tho********@gmail.com
  • hel**********@gmail.com
  • Knk*@gmx.de
  • jer*******@gmail.com
  • cra*********@gmail.com
  • tin*******@gmail.com

Will be revealed after

ASIA-PACIFIC CUP Support Event Winners

  • ev*****it22@gmail.com
  • se*****@naver.com
  • ge*****y-sansoulh@club-internet.fr
  • gw*****.decker57@gmail.com
  • rx*****30@gmail.com
  • jk*****80@yahoo.com.tw
  • So*****hk@gmail.com
  • yt*****gmail.com
  • s7*****dy@gmail.com
  • Su*****ya@gmail.com
  • pa*****654@hotmail.com
  • wj*****@hotmail.com
  • 98*****k@gmail.com
  • cr*****art0829@gmail.com
  • al*****aki@gmail.com
  • lo*****017@gmail.com

Will be revealed after

EUROPE CUP Support Event Winners

  • sy******gtz@gmail.com
  • se******@naver.com
  • mu******ko0822@gmail.com
  • ke******lores@gmail.com
  • ed******chaud@gmail.com
  • qu******omis22@gmail.com
  • pa******o_@hotmail.fr
  • gu******espach@gmail.com
  • ke******lores@gmail.com
  • au******gerat@yahoo.com
  • he******lbert@gmail.com
  • sh******mplar@gmail.com
  • ca******artea@gmail.com
  • el******.auzoux@orange.fr
  • cs******68@gmail.com
  • ur******4@gmail.com