SWC 2019 Europe Cup Result Notice

SWC 2019 Europe Cup was successfully held on Sep. 7th!

We'd like to thank everyone for watching the live streaming and showing a great interest in the tournament.

We will start off sharing some photos from the event:

Which Summoners have advanced to the SWC 2019 World Finals?


1st place: [Rosith


2nd place: [Baus~​ 

3rd place: [OBABO, LUCKY Q] 

5th - 8th places: [DGP​, CHENE, BLU, SEIISHIZO] 

1st and 2nd place Summoners will advance to the which will be held in Paris, France on Oct. 26th.

Please give a big round of applause to all Summoners who fought hard in the cup!


You can watch the tournament from the links below:

▼Watch SWC 2019 Europe Cup▼

- EN:


Thank you everyone for showing support and love on the SWC 2019 Europe Cup, and  please stay tuned for the SWC 2019 Asia-Pacific Cup on Sep. 28th!