Summoners War UNIVERSE


The Story of Summoners in the Magical World of Alea.
Summoners War Universe
We introduce you to all the various pleasures.


Post Rift 819 Outbreak of the Hundred Years' War

The demand for Mana Crystals heavily increased
with the development of magic technology,
and disputes for securing Mana Crystals
gradually spread all over Alea.

Post Rift 855 Outbreak of Efrana War

The King of Efrana, who severely restricted
the use of remains and ancient relics,
was poisoned to death by opposing forces.
A civil war between the lords to secure remains and relics began.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria
Efrana Civil War begins with the poisoning of Efrana's king. You have to drive out Kadugan to protect the kingdom and the territory... [More]

Post Rift 883 Battle of Ferun during the Hundred Years' War

Quostasia[1] and Stiodan [2] continue their war to win the ancient relics in Ferun,
which has become a barren.

Summoners War: Legacy
Raiyah Holder and the group gets caught up in a war that decides the world's fate while going on an adventure to become a summoner... [More]

Post Rift 920 End of Hundred Years' War
Establishment of the Sky Arena

The Hundred Years' War ends with a surprising solution called the Sky Arena.
Now, all disputes are settled by a battle in the Arena.
“Accept the challenge. Those who are ready will deserve the honor of victory.”

Friends & Rivals
Durand and his allies have been dispatched to get a hold of the magic relics. Will they be able to complete the mission safely? [More]

Post Rift 920 Downfall of Stiodan

Stiodan, a powerful empire but with the insane King Faimon,
turned all Alea's into enemies and eventually faced destruction.

Post Rift 922 Collapse of the Sealed Rift of Worlds

Dimensional rifts occurred throughout Alea by Elheil's rift monster summons.
The rift energy emitted by the dimensional rifts affected the sealed Rift of Worlds,
breaking some of the seals eventually.
Summoners of the Magic Council succeed in protecting one sealing stone to minimize damage.

Summoners War: Sky Arena
The Hundred Years' War ends with a surprising solution called the Sky Arena. However, the seal of the Rift of Worlds is broken again and an unexpected person was behind of it all... [More]
Abuus Dein
Abuus Dein, a Summoner of the Magic Council.
He met Raiyah Holder, a country girl who has a talent for magic,
and took her as an apprentice.
Voss Ayer
A Summoner who gets in the way of Raiyah Holder and others. There seems to be a personal grudge with Abuus.
Raiyah Holder
Raiyah Holder, a girl with a natural magical talent who succeeded in summoning magic by herself. However, she got into trouble from not handling the monsters properly. That's when Abuus Dein stepped in to take care of her mess. This encounter completely changed her life.
Tomas Dredger
He met Raiyah Holder, who made a big mess by not handling monsters properly while carrying out the Magic Council's mission with Abuus.
To Thomas Dredger, who is always prudent, Raiyah Holder is nothing but a troublemaker.
There is no way that Thomas will like Raiyah.
Banian Tatakana and her Rukumaton who Raiyah Holder and her party met during an adventure.