No matter how difficult the situation may be, he stays calm and optimistic as he's confident in his abilities. Although he's often misunderstood by others due to his shallowness, his intimate acquaintances are well aware of his determination and responsibility to maintain peace in Alea.


It was during his early 20s while he was associated with the Magic Council when he finally came to realize his name, roots, and the reasons why he was raised by humans even though he was an Elf. However, that didn't change his life significantly. He was still a Summoner who stayed in the Magic Council for a long time, and was later acclaimed as a hero who ended the Hundred Years' War. It came as a great shock to Alea when he appeared again as an evildoer threatening the world after vanishing at the end of the war.

Captain Eve

There are many rumors about Captain Eve, but nobody denies the fact that she's the strongest captain of the sky pirates — a reputation she gained with intimate friendship and trust. Although trust works against her at times, friends are what Eve believes in and values.


He may not get along well with Durand, but they have faith in each other. Ever since they met, they've overcome countless challenges. Even though he's very handy with machines just like any other Banians, the fact that he's part of the Magic Council explains why he's a very skilled Banian.


Hailing from the top noble family in the world,
Morgana spent her teenage years trying to be
acknowledged by her father, the head of the family. She was talented in magic which resulted in her becoming a Summoner and a member of the Magic Council. After interacting with others in the Magic Council, she realizes there is more to life than making herself and her family proud to live up to her strict father's expectations.


A successor of the Ragon kingdom. After suffering a devastating betrayal at a young age, he grew into a jaded, unfeeling individual who lacked trust in people. Still, he has all the makings of a future king. He has great judgment when it comes to choosing individuals who will assist him, which is crucial because handling national matters requires reliable support.


He's known as the legendary, strongest Summoner of this era. The ongoing rumors suggest that he may still be in the world, despite the fact that he has been missing for quite some time. There are only a select few people in Alea who know why Kazan, the strongest Summoner, must remain hidden, and they have their own reasons for doing so.


A young girl with a mischievous smile. As a daughter of Kazan, Shai is very talented in magic and skilled in using Monsters just like her dad. She enjoys competing with tough opponents regardless of the results.


A Proto of the Magic Council who's trusted by others for his great responsibility. He was a guy of principle and would debate with anyone who didn't respect the rules. Tomas matures as a person as a result of his interactions with Raiyah, a young and naive Summoner who is the polar opposite of him in every way.


A talented girl who learned summoning magic by herself. Her strong will, keen mind, and self-assurance got in the way at times. Yet as she and Tomas explore the world and discover more about themselves, she grows into a powerful Summoner.


The leader and heroic king of Rahil who protected the kingdom from the invasion by Galagon. Unfortunately, he lost everything he cherished. The pain from the loss haunts him, but he cannot end up falling apart as the kingdom needs him.


Athtar, the archmage of Rahil and a close friend of the king, was not expecting to reopen the portal to the Rift of Worlds that had previously destroyed Alea. This occurred during Rahil and Galagon's fight with Athtar acting as a catalyst. Despite the fact that the Rift of Worlds closed faster than it had in the past, Athtar is remembered as a villain.


An inquisitive and passionate Elf. After going out in the world, she learned a great deal about life and chose her path in her own way. A diplomat associated with Stiodan. She was a likable Elf with an indifferent yet humble and kind-hearted yet determined personality.

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