Post Rift 797

Second Rift of Worlds

The Rift of Worlds that once destroyed Alea opens again,
and chaotic beasts begin to come out.
When the world is in danger again, the Rift of Worlds closes by itself.
The opened rift drove the Aleans into fear.

Post Rift 801

Establishment of Magic Council

The fear of magic has reached its peak.
The kings of Alea and magicians of Cumulus,
successors of the heroes who closed the first Rift of Worlds,

Post Rift 815

Summoners War: Chronicles

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Post Rift 819

Outbreak of the Hundred Years' War

The demand for Mana Crystals heavily increased
with the development of magic technology,
and disputes for securing Mana Crystals
gradually spread all over Alea.

Post Rift 852

Outbreak of Efrana War

The King of Efrana, who severely restricted
the use of remains and ancient relics,
was poisoned to death by opposing forces.
A civil war between the lords to secure remains and relics began.

Post Rift 855

Summoners War: Lost Centuria

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Post Rift 883

Summoners War: Legacy

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Post Rift 920

Summoners War: Friends & Rivals

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Post Rift 921

End of the Hundred Years' War

The Hundred Years' War ends
with a surprising solution called the Sky Arena.

Post Rift 922

Summoners War: Sky Arena

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