v5.4.0 Update Notice

Summoners War v5.4.0 has been updated. Please check below for details!


* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)

* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.



v5.4.0 Update Details 



▶ 5 New Transmogrifications

- [Lifeguard Oracle/ Marine Girl Occult Girl/ Sea Lady Sky Dancer/ Skin Diver Mermaid/ Sea Villain Kobold Bomber]




▶ Real-time competitions with Summoners from all over the world! [World Arena] Season 14 will begin soon.

- World Arena Season 14 will open on Jul. 13th 12am in all servers.

- Season 14 will have modifications as listed below.


[Season Reward Improvement]

- The rewards for each grade have been changed as follows.

: Transmogrification item reward that's given for Conqueror or higher grade has been changed to Emoji reward. You can use Emojis during the World Arena gameplays.

: The emoji reward has been added for the Fighter (★/★★/★★★) grade rewards.

- World Arena Season 14 Rewards


- What's the new emoji reward?

It's a special reward that can be acquired from each season. Emojis can be used during the World Arena gameplays. Afterwards, 6 types of emojis that capture the expression of various monsters will be given as a reward in each season.


In Season 14, a total of 6 Occult Girl emojis will be available as a reward. At the end of the season, you can choose and receive the emojis of your choice out of 6 emojis. (The quantity of emojis differ according to the grade)

Conqueror ★★★ or higher grade will receive all six emojis of the season. 


In addition, we are currently preparing to provide the transmogrification items that were originally given as the regular season rewards in different ways to Summoners.


[User convenience Improvement]

- [World Arena> Rune Management] The monsters you registered to Favorites will be sorted first when selecting monsters.

- [Monster> Rune Management] A feature where you can load the information of runes used in the World Arena has been added.

- The cooldown time of using emojis again in the World Arena gameplay has been slightly increased.


▶ [Monster] The number of Monsters displayed in one line has been changed from 6 to 7 in iPhone X device.


▶ Bug Fixes

- (Fire) Pioneer [Sleeve Attack] - Fixed an issue of the Attack Bar increasing when the monster uses the skill on certain monsters with a passive skill that has the attack bar increasing effect

- (Water) Art Master [Art of Blank Space (Passive)] - Fixed an issue of the passive effect activating multiple times under certain situations

- (Wind) String Master [Master Hands (Passive)] - Fixed an issue of the passive skill not activating from time to time