Summoners War Meet-up "The Shift" Online Live Streaming

Greetings from Com2uS!


[Online User Meet-up "The Shift"] that was announced in advance via the massive update pre-registration notice will be held soon!


We've prepared update news and various rewards, so please stay tuned.


The first [online user meet-up "The Shift"] joined by Summoners around the world!

Please read below for more info.


▶ Schedule: From Jul. 25th 9pm PDT ~

▶ How to Participate: The meet-up will be live streamed, so please check out the live streaming channels below.






※ The meet-up will be live streamed on the above channel, and you can receive notifications when the streaming begins by subscribing and setting notifications.


▶ Meet-up Details

- New cinematic video release

- Update Details

- Meet-up special reward notice


※ Don't miss out on the special rewards that are given on live streaming!

※ For inquiries regarding the meet-up, please contact our Customer Support by visiting