v6.0.0 Update Notice

Hi, it's Com2uS!


Summoners War v6.0.0 has been updated. Please check below for details!


* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)

* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.




v6.0.0 Update Details 




▶ [Dimension Hole] "Dimension Monthly Dungeon" has appeared in Dimension Karzhan. Come up with various strategies to defeat the Dimension Predator!


- Dimension Monthly Dungeon Location: Dimension Hole > Dimension Karzhan

(Dimension Hole opens when you clear the Rift Raid Lv. 1.)


- Dimension Monthly Dungeon Schedule: The dungeon ends at 9pm PST/ 10pm PDT on the last day of each month, and the predator will have 3 days of break and moves to another dimension to open another dungeon at 9pm PST/ 10pm PDT on the 3rd of each month. 


- Entrance Condition: You can use Monsters with default 4★ or below only, which is the same entrance limit condition to enter the Dimension Karzhan.

* The first Monthly Dungeon will open at "Dimension Karzhan" with "Dark Attribute" after the v6.0.0 update patch is released, and will end on Aug. 31st 10pm PDT. The second Monthly Dungeon will open at "Dimension Ellunia" with "Light Attribute" on Sep. 3rd 10pm PDT.


- Read Developer's Note [New Dungeon & Artifact]

To read the Developer’s Note, enter the game and go to 

[MEDIA Icon > Developer’s Note] or [EVENT Icon > Notice > Developer’s Note Banner].​


※ Some of details shared in the developer's note have been modified.

We ask for your kind understanding.


* Entrance buff when entering the battle

- The basic Attack Power, Defense, and HP of Monsters will be increased by 10 times. In case of Attack Speed, the basic stat + (additional stat*1/10) will be applied.

- If the Critical Damage of Monsters is below 150%, the Critical Damage will be revised to be 150%.


* Modification on the Dimension Predator boss skills



▶ [Cairos Dungeon] New Steel Fortress & Punisher's Crypt

- You can acquire the new equipment "Artifacts" as clear rewards.

* Modification on the Punisher's Crypt boss skills


▶ New Monster Equipment "Artifact"

- Artifact consists of a main property that increases the Attack Power, Defense, or HP of Monster and sub-properties that grant various additional effects.

- Artifact consists of "Attribute Artifact" and "Type Artifact" and one of each can be equipped to a Monster.


- Attribute Artifact

: 5 attributes (Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark) are available, and can be equipped to the Monster with the same attribute.


- Type Artifact

: 4 types (Attack, Defense, HP, and Support) are available, and can be equipped to the Monster with the same type.


▶ [Craft Building] New Engraved Conversion Stone Crafting 

- Engraved Conversion Stone is an item that can change one of Artifact's sub-properties.

: To craft the item, you need the following items. *Modifications have been made from the information notified in the developer's note.

* Engraved Conversion Stone that matches the type/ attribute of Monster used as material will be crafted.

For instance, if you use the Fire Death Knight (HP Type) as material, either Fire Engraved Conversion Stone or HP Engraved Conversion Stone will be crafted.


- Craft Building menu composition has been improved.

* [Decorate] tab has been removed. The decoration and plant items included in this tab have been moved to the [Shop]>[Building]>[Decoration/Tree/Plant].


▶ [Cairos Dungeon] Improvement

- Giant's Keep/ Dragon's Lair/ Necropolis will have one attribute each.

: Giant's Keep B1-B10 - Water/ Dragon's Lair B1-B10 Fire/ Necropolis B1-B10 Dark


- Giant's Keep/ Dragon's Lair/ Necropolis will now have up to B12 floor.

: Only 6★ Runes are dropped from B12. B12 has 2.5 times higher drop rate of 6★ Legendary Rune compared to the B10. 


▶[Dimension Hole] The drop rate of Ancient Rune, Ancient Gem, and Ancient Grindstone of higher grade that are dropped in all difficulty levels of each dimension dungeon will be increased. (For level 5, the drop rate of 6★ Legendary Ancient Rune has been increased by 1.5 times)

: Ex) In Forest of Roaring Beast level 5, the drop rate of 5★ Ancient Rune and Ancient Gem/Grindstone (rare grade) has been decreased, and the drop rate of 6★ Ancient Rune or Ancient Gem/ Grindstone (Hero+) has been increased by the decreased rate.


▶ Achievements related to the new dungeons [Steel Fortress/ Punisher's Crypt] and Artifacts have been added.


▶ Bug Fixes

- (Fire) Sniper Mk.I [Dead Eye (Passive)]

: Fixed an issue of the passive skill effect being applied incorrectly due to the error occurring while reflecting the enemy's HP condition.

- (Water) 2nd Awakened Martial Cat [Head to Head (Passive)]

: Fixed an issue of the passive skill effect activating even if it's not Martial Cat's turn when attacking together under certain situation.


▶ Skill descriptions of some Monsters have been modified.

(As-is) A description that says the effect does not accumulate with other decrease damage effects/ similar effects.

(To-be) This effect doesn't accumulate with other damage reduction effect skills.

Target Monsters

- (Fire) Assassin [Deadly Seduction (Passive)]/ (Fire) Dice Magician [Roll Again (Passive)]

- (Light) Elemental [Resist Element (Passive)]/ (Light) Vagabond [Knighthood (Passive)]/ (Dark) Death Knight [Control (Passive)]​


▶ Rune related packages have been improved.

- [Shop>Suggested>Rune] Rune Pack Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ/ [Weekly Special Item] Rune Package

: The Blessed Rune Box given with package purchase has been improved.

(As-is) Check two of 6★ Legendary Rune information and select one

(To-be) Check three of 6★ Legendary Rune information and select one


* The purchase limit (3 times a month) of Rune Pack Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ will be reset after the v6.0.0 update patch. Summoners who have already purchased the packs up to its limit can make purchases again.​