"WAR IS MY FATE" SWC2020 Regional Cup Notice

Greetings from Com2uS!

We hope you enjoyed watching all of the SWC2020 preliminaries that were live streamed from each region during September.
There were many exciting matches, thanks to the great interest and support from Summoners.

Now, three Regional Cups and the Chinese Representative Selection Tournament are up next!
We are excited to announce the brackets of SWC2020 Regional Cups and the rewards given to the players.

1. Regional Cup Bracket
Eight players who advanced to each regional cup will play in the regional cup with the single elimination method to get their hands on the ticket to the World Finals.
- Quarterfinal: Best of Three
- Semifinal/ final: Best of Five

AMERICAS CUP: Oct. 24th 12pm PDT

Watch the AMERICAS CUP Bracket Draw ▶


Watch the ASIA-PACIFIC CUP Bracket Draw ▶

EUROPE CUP: Nov. 7th 5am PST

Watch the EUROPE CUP Bracket Draw ▶

2. SWC2020 Regional Cup Reward
The qualifiers of the World Finals will receive in-game rewards and a small amount of prize according to their record in the tournament.

In addition, 1st, 2nd and 3rd (tied) place players of regional cups will receive a medal and a special case, newly customized for the SWC2020!

One of eight finalists of the World Finals will be selected from the [Chinese Representative Selection Tournament], scheduled to be held on Oct. 23rd 11pm PDT. This tournament will only be live streamed in Chinese via DouYu, a Chinese platform. We ask for your kind understanding, and a separate notice will be made regarding the Chinese Representative Selection Tournament.

Lastly, SWC2020 World Finals will be held on Nov. 20th 9pm PST!
More details about the SWC2020 World Finals will be notified after all regional cups end.
The regional cups will be live streamed along with various events for everyone, so please make sure to tune in.

Who will be the eight finalists playing in the SWC2020 World Finals? Please stay tuned to find out!

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Thank you.