SWC2020 Online Support Event Notice

Greetings from Com2uS!

SWC2020 Regional Cups are around the corner! The first regional cup, AMERICAS CUP, will be held within a week.
We will be holding a SWC2020 Online Support Event where you can show your support for the players you are rooting for!
Share your support message for SWC2020 contenders and get rewards!

Please read below for more info.

<SWC2020 Online Support Event Details>

Post a support image for players who advanced to SWC2020 on your social media to receive a prize!
You can check out various support images shared by Summoners on the <SWC2020 Online Support Event> website.
** After the event winner announcement for each regional cup, only the winning works will be posted on the website.

Event Schedule
Oct. 15th 10pm PDT - Nov. 6th 9pm PST

<Application Deadline>
AMERICAS CUP: ~ Oct. 22nd 10pm PDT
ASIA-PACIFIC CUP: ~ Oct. 30th 10pm PDT

EUROPE CUP: ~ Nov. 6th 9pm PST

How to Participate
Step 1. Make a support message, in a square (1:1) image, for the player you want to root for among the AMERICAS CUP, ASIA-PACIFIC CUP and EUROPE CUP contenders. (The player's name must be included in English)
Step 2. Post the image on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) as a ""public"" post with the required hashtags below.
Required hashtags: #Summonerswar #SWC2020 #SWC2020_Supportevent #Player's name in English
Step 3. Tap the [Participate] Button and enter the link of your social media post and your email on the official page of the online support event.
Step 4. Keep your social media post as a ""public"" post until the event ends.

Prize Details
16 entry works from each regional cup will be selected and the <Ragdoll figurine> will be given as a prize.

* The winners of this event will be selected according to Com2uS' own criteria.
** The selected works will be exposed on the broadcast screen during the live streaming of SWC2020.

Please visit the SWC2020 Online Support Event Page for more info.
[Go to Support Event Page] 

-  Entry works for this event must be the original creations of the participants. The works that have been agreed to be used for marketing, promotion etc. can be used for reproduction, distribution, transmission, exhibition, etc. by Com2uS.
- Words and phrases that include inappropriate and hateful comments about the players or in general and that are inappropriate based on broadcasting regulations will be excluded from exposure on the event page according to the organizer’s judgement.
- The event prizes will be selected and paid to participants from all countries.
- There is no restriction on participating multiple times, but you cannot receive duplicate prizes.

Please stay tuned for the SWC2020 Online Support Event along with the SWC2020 Regional Cups and World Finals!

Thank you.

** SWC2020 is Presented by Google Play.**