SWC2020 Official M/V "WAR IS MY FATE" Viewing Event

Greetings from Com2uS!


All preliminaries of SWC2020 have ended, and we now have 3 regional cups - AMERICAS CUP, EUROPE CUP and ASIA-PACIFIC CUP - and the World Finals.


As we await for the beginning of regional cups, we are excited to present the SWC2020 official M/V, "WAR IS MY FATE"!

Watch and share the music video to get rewards!


Please read below for more info on how to participate in the event.



 Event Schedule

Until Nov. 12th 6:59am PST

* The official M/V Sharing Event's winner will be announced as soon as the results are in.


 Event Details


1) SWC2020 Official M/V 1M Viewing Event

▷ Tap the link below and view the SWC2020 Official M/V "WAR IS MY FATE".

[300,000 Mana Stones + 1 Mystical Scroll] will be sent to all Summoners when the music video reaches 1 million views.


▼ Music Video ▼



* The video view counts are based on the view counts of the YouTube video of the link.

* The reward for reaching 1 million views is given to all Summoners in all servers after the video surpasses 1 million views.


2) SWC2020 Official M/V Sharing Event

▷ Step 1. Watch the SWC2020 Official M/V "WAR IS MY FATE" and share the video with the required hashtags mentioned below on your social media as a public post.

* Required hashtags: #Summonerswar #SWC2020 #SWC2020MV #Warismyfate


▷ Step 2. Tap the link below and verify your event participation.

▼ Verify Your Event Participation ▼


※ Enter your HIVE ID, Summoners War nickname, server and the link of your social media post in the form above. Please note that only sharing the video and not filling out the form will not be counted as participated.

※ Be noted that your winning will be nullified if you provide an invalid URL or post without the required hashtags.



Your chance of winning the reward will be increased when you tag your friends on the post you shared the video!


▷ Share event rewards

☆ Participation Reward: 100,000 Mana Stones + 100 Energy + 1 Mystical Scroll

☆ 500 Lucky Draw Rewards: Attribute Scrolls (One of each Fire, Water and Wind)



SWC2020 Official M/V "WAR IS MY FATE" contains the efforts of Monsters who are trying to become a true master!

Who will rule the World Arena in the end? Please stay tuned!


**SWC2020 is Presented by Google Play.**​


※ Please Read

- For the Sharing Event, you must share the music video on your social media and fill out the form in the [Verify Your Event Participation] to count as participated.

- You can participate in the Sharing Event once, and the reward can be granted once per account.

- Shared posts that do not meet the event purpose and/or that contain profanity/inappropriate content will be excluded from the event participation.

- Participants who do not provide correct personal information will be excluded from the reward distribution pool.

- Participants who provide an invalid URL will be excluded from the lucky draw reward distribution pool.

- Participants who post on their social media without the required hashtags will be excluded from the lucky draw reward distribution pool.

- For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting