SWC2020 Americas Cup Results and Online Support Event Winners

Greetings from Com2uS!

SWC2020 Americas Cup has ended successfully.
Summoners who missed the tournament live streaming can watch it again from the link below.
[Watch the match again] from the Summoners War YouTube esports channel

We are excited to inform you the match results of Americas Cup!
<Tournament Results>

1st place: [JΜak/JMAK] advances to the WORLD FINALS!

2nd place: [TROKAMOO/ Trokamoo] advances to the WORLD FINALS!

3rd place (tied): [POPOPANDA/Popopanda12], [DRMZJOSEPH/drmzjoseph]​
5th - 8th places: [HEVES/Heves], [KENBALLER/Kenballer], [TREE/Tree!], [RAIGEKI/Raigeki!]​

1st and 2nd place players advanced to the <SWC2020 World Finals> which will be held on Nov. 20th.
Please give a big round of applause to all Summoners who fought hard in the tournament.

Now, check out the list of SWC2020 Online Support Event winners. (16 winners in total!)
☆ Prize: 1 Ragdoll figurine 

* Congratulations to the Summoners who have won the event. An email regarding receiving the prize will be sent to the email address you entered when participating in the event.
* There may be a restriction of receiving the prize if you don't enter the required information to receive the prize.
* Ragdoll figurine will be sent out in early December.
* Go to the Support Event Page >>
∨ ASIA-PACIFIC CUP Event Participation Deadline: Oct. 30th 10pm PDT
∨ EUROPE CUP Event Participation Deadline: Nov. 5th 9pm PST

Please stay tuned for the upcoming regional cup, SWC2020 Asia-Pacific Cup on Oct. 31st!

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