SWC2020 Asia-Pacific Cup Schedule Notice

Greetings from Com2uS!

We hope you enjoyed watching the SWC2020 Americas Cup!
Now, Asia-Pacific Cup is up next on Oct. 31st!

Only three players can make it to the World Finals from the Asia-Pacific Cup.
Which players will advance to the World Finals?

Please read below for more info on the tournament.

■ Relay Schedule:
Oct. 31st 8pm PDT
■ Relay Language and Relay Team:
EN: dGon, Stoic, Makeitabud
KR: Her Jun, Byunja, Yabbi
DE: Mards, Kretsche, Buddy
FR: Sheisou, Junpei, Trapa
CNT: pkkfear, EricB
HK: Losn, Alan
TH: OhBIGz, 2noobs
VN: Hia, Linh Tran, Caster001
ID: Taamaki, Flovys

■ Relay Channel: Summoners War eSports YouTube channel [GO] and Com2uS Twitch channel
* Subscribe to the Summoners War eSports YouTube channel and set up notifications to receive a notification when the live streaming starts!

■ Tournament Method 
- Single elimination
- Quarterfinals: Best of three
- Semifinals/ final: Best of five

▶ 1st, 2nd and 3rd place players of the Asia-Pacific Cup will advance to the World Finals on Nov. 20th.

Participate in the SWC2020 Online Support Event to send a support message to the players you are rooting for!
- Participate in the Event (Tap!)
- You can send a support message for the ASIA-PACIFIC CUP until Oct. 30th 10pm PDT.

Make sure to enter the SWC2020 Regional Cup Prediction Event page within the EVENT tab and make a prediction for the Asia-Pacific Cup!
- The prediction closes on Oct. 31st 7:30pm PDT.

* All matches of SWC2020 will be held online with no audiences.
** The entire schedule of SWC2020 can be checked from the SWC2020 official website. 

Please stay tuned for the <Summoners War World Arena Championship 2020>, where the Summoners compete to become the best Summoner of 2020!
We hope to see you all during our live streaming of <Asia-Pacific Cup> this week!

Thank you.

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