SWC2020 Asia Pacific Cup Results Notice and Online Event Winners

Greetings from Com2uS!

SWC2020 Asia-Pacific Cup has ended successfully.
Please make sure to enter the Event Tab - Prediction Event Page to collect your prediction rewards.
Summoners who missed the tournament live streaming can watch it again from the link below.
> [Watch the match again] from the Summoners War YouTube esports channel

We are excited to inform you the match results of Asia-Pacific Cup!

<Tournament Results>

1st place: [ MR.CHUNG / 醉愛鍾少 ] advances to the WORLD FINALS!

2nd place: [ CHARMI / 악귀참. ] advances to the WORLD FINALS!

3rd place: [ GAIA / 荒れ狂うGAIA!! ] advances to the WORLD FINALS!

4th place: SHIKI / シキ.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place players advanced to the <SWC2020 World Finals> which will be held on Nov. 20th.
Please give a big round of applause to all Summoners who fought hard in the tournament.

Now, check out the list of SWC2020 Online Support Event winners. (18 winners in total!)
☆ Prize: 1 Ragdoll figurine 


* Congratulations to the Summoners who have won the event. An email regarding receiving the prize will be sent to the email address you entered when participating in the event.
* There may be a restriction of receiving the prize if you don't enter the required information to receive the prize.
* Ragdoll figurine will be sent out in early December.
* Go to the Support Event Page >>
- EUROPE CUP Event Participation Deadline: Nov. 5th 9pm PST

Please stay tuned for the upcoming regional cup, SWC2020 Europe Cup, on Nov. 7th!

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