SWC2020 Europe Cup Schedule Notice


Greetings from Com2uS!


Europe Cup will be held on Nov. 7th, where two players will get the tickets to the World Finals.

Which player will advance to the World Finals from Europe region?


Please read below for more info on the tournament.



■ Relay Schedule:

Nov. 7th 5am PST


■ Relay Language and Relay Team:

EN: dGon, Stoic, Makeitabud

ES: Kachu, Meza

PT: Monagua, Seppi

KR: Her Jun, Byunja, Yabbi


DE: Mards, CapCaro, Buddy

FR: Sheisou, Junpei, Trapa

IT: DoubleDamage, FedeITSW

RU: Kabzon, Argentum


■ Relay Channel: Summoners War eSports YouTube channel [GO] and Com2uS Twitch channel

* Subscribe to the Summoners War eSports YouTube channel and set up notifications to receive a notification when the live streaming starts!


■ Tournament Method 

- Single elimination

- Quarterfinals: Best of three

- Semifinals/ final: Best of five

▶ 1st and 2nd players of the Europe Cup will advance to the [World Finals on Nov. 20th].


Participate in the SWC2020 Online Support Event to send a support message to the players you are rooting for!

Participate in the Event (Tap!)

- You can send a support message for the EUROPE CUP until Nov. 5th 9pm PST.


Make sure to enter the SWC2020 Regional Cup Prediction Event page within the EVENT tab and make a prediction for the Europe Cup!

- The prediction closes on Nov. 7th 4:30am PST.


* All matches of SWC2020 will be held online with no audiences.

** The entire schedule of SWC2020 can be checked from the SWC2020 official website. 



Please stay tuned for the <Summoners War World Arena Championship 2020>, where the Summoners compete to become the best Summoner of 2020!


Thank you.