SWC2020 World Finals Results Notice

Greetings from Com2uS!

Summoners War World Arena Championship 2020 (SWC2020) has ended its 4-month journey with the World Finals held on Nov. 20th.
All the matches of SWC2020 were held online with no audience due to COVID-19, but we deeply appreciate all the support and interest that our Summoners showed this year.

First of all, please check out the results of the "Event Match: Caster VS Caster" that was held before the tournament match!

We hope you enjoyed watching the exciting event match of our casters!
Now, please read below to learn more about the World Finals results that made everyone surprised!

<SWC2020 World Finals Results>

1st: [ MR.CHUNG ]

2nd: [ GAIA ]

3rd (Tied): [ CHARMI / VIILIPYTTY ]


Please give a big round of applause to all Summoners who fought hard in the tournament.
The eight world finalists will be awarded with an in-game chat emblem that will show their presence in the chat.
The emblems will be available after the SWC2020 World Finals until the SWC2021 World Finals
The emblems will be available after the SWC2020 World Finals until the SWC2021 preliminaries

Please visit the link below to watch the match again!
> [Watch again] from the Summoners War YouTube eSports Channel

We will now inform you about the SWC2020 Events!

The following rewards will be given to Summoners for surpassing the 300,000 viewers worldwide!
- 100K reached: 6★ Legendary Rune x1
- 200K reached: Reappraisal Stone x1
- 300K reached: Devilmon x1

* The rewards can be claimed by going to the [EVENT] Icon in the game → [SWC2020 World Finals Prediction Event] page until Dec. 3rd 6:59am PST.

Also, Harg emojis that can be used in the World Arena will be given to all Summoners!
* The reward will be available to collect during Nov. 21st 2am - Dec. 31st 6:59am PST.

Now, check out the list of SWC2020 Online Support Event winners. (28 winners in total!)

☆ Prize: 1 Ragdoll figurine

* Congratulations to the Summoners who have won the event. An email regarding receiving the prize will be sent to the email address you entered when participating in the event.
* There may be a restriction of receiving the prize if you don't enter the required information to receive the prize.
* Ragdoll figurine will be sent out in early December.
* Go to the Support Event Page >> (Tap!)
* [SWC2020 World Finals] Streaming Screenshot Event winners will be announced via separate notice on Nov. 26th.

Again, thank you for your support during our 4 months of journey.
Please stay tuned for the Summoners War World Arena Championship next year as well!

Thank you very much.

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