SWC2021 AMERICAS CUP Schedule Notice

Greetings from Com2uS!

The first regional cup of SWC2021, AMERICAS CUP will be held on Sep. 12th!
Which players will advance to the WORLD FINALS?
Please read below for more info.

Watch the AMERICAS CUP Bracket Draw ▶

■ Stream Schedule
Sep. 12th 11am PDT

■ Stream Langague and Team
EN: dGon, Stoic, OnceInLuv
KR: Her Jun, Byunja, Yabbi
JP: kic, takuzo10, Ayumi Takeishi
ES: Kachu, Zerpolita
PT: Mr.Sloth, Monagua
DE: xNightx96, Mards, Marius Verdipwnz
FR: Sheisou, Mana, MrWendy

■ Stream Channel: Summoners War Esports YouTube Channel [GO] and Com2uS Twitch Channel
* Subscribe to the Summoners War Esports YouTube Channel and turn on the notification to receive a notification when the livestream begins!

■ Tournament Method
- Single elimination
- All matches: Best of five
▶ 1st and 2nd place players will advance to the WORLD FINALS scheduled on Nov. 12th.

Send a support message to the players you are rooting for from the SWC2021 Online Support Event!
- AMERICAS CUP support participation deadline: Sep. 9th 2pm PDT

Predict the results of AMERICAS CUP from the in-game EVENT Tab > SWC2021 Regional Cup Prediction Event!
- AMERICAS CUP prediction deadline: Sep. 12th 10:30am PDT

* All matches of SWC2021 will be held online with no audiences.
** The entire schedule of SWC2021 can be checked from the SWC2021 official website. (

Please stay tuned for the <Summoners War World Arena Championship 2021>, where the Summoners compete to become the best Summoner of 2021!

Thank you.

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