SWC2022 ASIA-PACIFIC CUP Schedule Notice


Greetings from Com2uS!


We hope you enjoyed the SWC2022 AMERICAS CUP!

RAIGEKI came in first place and TRUEWHALE in second, advancing to this year's WORLD FINALS.


Last but not least, the <ASIA-PACIFIC CUP> will be held in SAMYAN MITRTOWN HALL in Bangkok, Thailand.

We're excited to see which 3 players from the ASIA-PACIFIC region will advance to the WORLD FINALS!


If you can't be at the venue, the regional cup will be live streamed via Summoners War Esports YouTube channel, so make sure to tune in.

* Before the SWC2022 ASIA-PACIFIC CUP match begins, an event match (Thailand Grand Open Tournament 2022 Finals) will be held. Don't miss out on this special event match as well!


Here are the details of the SWC2022 ASIA-PACIFIC CUP bracket and schedule.

※ As RICHARD (-[R]ichardS-) won't be able to participate in the tournament due to the player's personal reason, thus MEOWMEOW (/喵喵/) who was ranked first as a reserve player will participate in the ASIA-PACIFIC CUP.

Watch the ASIA-PACIFIC CUP bracket drawing video>


■ Stream Schedule

Oct. 21st 10pm PDT


■ Stream Language and Caster

Korean: Herjun, Byunja, Yabbi

English: Dgon, Stoic, Makeitabud

Japanese: kic, Ayumi Takeishi, Osadasan

Mandarin: PKKFEAR, CHI

Thai: OhBIGz, Adkong, Zera

Cantonese: ALAN, MR.CHUNG

Vietnamese: HIA, S.T.Y

Indonesian: Taamaki, CM Masbram

German: Verdipwnz, xNightx96, Mards

French: Sheisou, Mana, MrWendy

Spanish: Kachu, Zerpolita

Portuguese: Mr.Sloth, Monagua


■ Stream Channel

Summoners War YouTube Esports Channel [GO]

Summoners War Twitch Channel








■ Tournament Method

- Best of five

▶️The three finalists of SWC2022 ASIA-PACIFIC CUP will advance to the WORLD FINALS, which will be held in Seoul, South Korea on Nov. 12th (local time).


* You can check the weekly match schedule and results of SWC2022 from the SWC2022 official page (


■ SWC2022 Cheer Placard Event

Check out the various cheer placard images rooting for ASIA-PACIFIC CUP players!

The winning pieces will be displayed in the <SWC2022 Cheer Placard Event> and Summoners War Esports YouTube Channel.

Go to the event >


■ SWC2022 Regional Cup Prediction Event

Another fun way to enjoy SWC2022 all together!

Make sure to run the game, tap the EVENT tab, enter the [SWC2022 Regional Cup Prediction Event] and participate in the prediction event!

This event gives the chance to earn points based on your prediction for various rewards.

- The prediction closes on: Oct. 21st 9:30pm PDT.


Special gifts for on-site audiences and audiences watching the SWC2022 are prepared, so please stay tuned.