SWC2023 WORLD FINALS Results Notice (Cheer Event Winner Announcement)



Greetings from Com2uS!


The SWC2023 WORLD FINALS has come to an end!

We appreciate your support for the past 4 months.

Let's take a look at the pictures taken at the venue in Bangkok, Thailand!




Let's check out who became the champion of the SWC2023!


[Tournament Results]




1st Place: 贰柒__ (LEST)



2nd Place: TrueWhale (TRUEWHALE)


3rd Place (Tied): Diligent-YC. (DILIGENT-YC), PinkRoid~ (PINKROID)

5th - 8th Place: TR•Luƒiα (LUFIA), たくぞー10 (TAKUZO10), Zera (ZERA), Big•V (BIGV)




The SWC2023 WORLD CHAMPION will receive a new SWC2023 trophy, Rakan Statue, and WORLD FINALS medal.

2nd place and 3rd place (tied) will receive a WORLD FINALS medal.




In addition, the 8 world finalists will receive an in-game reward and chat emblem.


* The image above is for reference.

* The in-game chat emblem will be applied from the end of the SWC2023 WORLD FINALS to the SWC2024 WORLD FINALS.


Congratulations to 贰柒__ (LEST)​, the World Champion!


If you missed the WORLD FINALS, you can watch it again on the Summoners War YouTube Esports Channel.

Summoners War YouTube Esports Channel [Watch Again]


Please check below for the coupons revealed throughout the livestream.


▶ [Mana Stone +300,000, Mystical Scroll x5]




▶ [Energy +200, Crystal +200, Mystical Scroll x5, SWC2023 Emblem x25]




▶  [SWC Scroll x1, SWC2023 Temple of Wishes Skin]




* The coupons can be claimed until Nov. 11th 7am PST.


※ The coupons can only be used on accounts created before Nov. 4th KST.

※ To claim the codes, go to the EVENT > GAME GUIDE > [EVENT COUPON EXCHANGE BANNER]. (Android)

※ You can also use the coupons from below.



Thanks to the support of our Summoners worldwide, the livestream reached 300K total viewers! We'll be sending out the following rewards to express our gratitude.


■ SWC2023 WORLD FINALS Total Viewership Event Reward

- 100K Viewers: 5★ Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x2, Engraved Scroll x3

- 200K Viewers: 6★ Legend Rune x2 (Select Type), Reappraisal Stone x1

- 300K Viewers: Devilmon x1, Attribute Scroll x5 (Select Attribute)

* You can collect the rewards above via the [EVENT] icon in the game - [SWC2023 WORLD FINALS Prediction Event] page until Nov. 13th 6:59am PST.


■ SWC2023 WORLD FINALS Cheer Placard Event

The winners of the SWC2023 WORLD FINALS Cheer Placard Event have been decided! Congratulations! (Total Winners: 20​)

★ Prize: Summoners War SD Figure (1 random type)




* An email that notifies you of receiving the prize will be sent to the email address you provided when you participated in the event.

* You may not be able to receive the prize if you've entered incorrect information.

* Summoners War SD Figures will be sent at the end of December.

* You can also find the winner announcement on the SWC2023 WORLD FINALS official website.

- SWC2023 WORLD FINALS Official Website:


Once again, thank you for supporting the SWC2023.

Please look forward to the <Summoners War World Arena Championship> coming back next year! 

Accept the challenge.
Those who are ready will deserve the honor of victory.


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